Gum Disease Treatment in
North Brunswick

Gum disease is a common problem, but it can lead to serious dental health concerns. For gum disease treatment in North Brunswick, call our friendly and professional dental team.

Gum Disease Treatment in North Brunswick

Gum disease may not seem serious but, if left untreated, it can cause serious damage to your gums, teeth and even your jawbone. At Your Expressions Family Dentistry, we offer comprehensive gum disease treatment to help you restore your oral health. Depending on your case, we can recommend a variety of treatments to meet your unique needs.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease, known medically as gingivitis, is a condition wherein the bacteria from built-up plaque irritates your gum tissue. Signs of early gum disease can include red, swollen or bleeding gums. If you experience these symptoms, call our office to make an appointment. Gum disease is easily reversible when diagnosed early. Regular dental checkups and professional cleanings twice a year can help fight gum disease and restore your overall dental health.

Left untreated, gum disease can quickly progress to its more serious stage, known as periodontitis.

Periodontitis attacks your gums as well as the tooth-supporting structures of your mouth, causing decay in your tooth roots and even your jawbone.

Symptoms of periodontitis include bad breath, receding or shrinking gums, sensitive teeth and loosened teeth. Severe cases of gum disease can lead to tooth and bone loss due to infection. This is why it is important to seek early diagnosis and treatment to avoid painful and expensive consequences.

What Causes Gum Disease?

Gum disease is generally caused by poor oral hygiene. Inconsistent brushing and flossing habits can allow bacteria to grow on your teeth, tongue and other tissues of your mouth. Eventually, this bacteria hardens as plaque and releases toxins that cause infections in your gums, teeth and surrounding tissues.

Other health and lifestyle factors can contribute to your risk of developing gum disease, such as smoking and tobacco use, family history, certain medications or hormonal changes such as during puberty, pregnancy or menopause.

How is Gum Disease Treated?

Our office offers comprehensive gum disease treatment to restore your dental health, including:

  • Scaling and Root Planing:

    Also known as a deep cleaning, scaling and root planing is performed is remove plaque above and below the gum line. Once we clear the plaque from your enamel, we will smooth the roots of your teeth to keep bacteria from adhering to their surfaces.

  • Dental Crown Lengthening:

    This is a common surgical procedure performed to remove any diseased gum tissue and expose more of the natural tooth for repair. We also perform dental crown lengthenings to improve the appearance of “gummy smiles” to remove excess gum tissue, reshape the gum line and enhance the patient’s smile.

  • Root Surface Debridement:

    This is an extensive cleaning procedure performed to clear stubborn plaque deposits from below the gum line. Our team uses an ultrasonic hand tool to loosen the plaque and tartar from the roots of your teeth.

  • Pocket Reduction:

    Also known as flap reduction surgery, this procedure is performed to clear the infection-causing bacteria from periodontal pockets, which are the gaps that develop between your receding gums and your tooth roots. We will then reattach healthy gum tissue around your tooth roots.

  • Ridge Preservation:

    Following an extraction or tooth loss, your jawbone will begin to collapse around the empty tooth socket. We can perform a ridge preservation procedure to fill the socket with a bone replacement material to keep the socket intact and maintain the density of your surrounding jawbone.

  • Arestin Application:

    Arestin is a powerful antibiotic treatment. We apply it to infected periodontal pockets following scaling and root planing procedures to kill the remaining bacteria and stop the spread of infection.

  • Bone Grafting:

    If you are missing jawbone tissue due to infection or tooth loss, we can perform a bone grafting surgery. During your procedure, we will graft bone replacement material to your jaw to create new, healthy bone tissue. Bone grafting is performed to strengthen the jawbone and surrounding structures so that patients can receive dental restorations and replacements such as bridges and implants.

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Nadia H.

I love Dr. Pallavi Chellur! She takes the right measures to make sure you’re comfortable, provides you with information along the way of each procedure...I almost fell asleep numerous times during cavity fillings because of how confident I was in her! 5/5 recommend, you won’t regret going to her.

Lola K.

If you're looking for a dentist office that provides professional and detailed work then this is the place for you. I absolutely love the welcoming environment and the staff is amazing. They are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. The usual wait time ranges from 1-2 minutes which I never experienced anywhere else.

Judy D.

Dr. Chellur is a meticulous practioner. She did everything from removing a broken crown to the implant & the new crown. No pain & no discomfort during the whole process. The new tooth fits perfectly.
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