Clearing the Myths About Dental Implants – North Brunswick, NJ

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For many years, the only solution for people suffering from tooth loss is dentures. Although it served its purpose, the drawbacks it presented proved to be quite troublesome. Over time, the appliance tends to change its fit in the mouth. As a result, regular habits like chewing and talking becomes more challenging.

Fortunately, the advancements in technology made way for the emergence of dental services that are better than ever. When it comes to restorations, the most in-demand choice nowadays are dental implants. Unlike dentures that are worn over the gums, posts made of titanium are surgically placed on the jawbone to serve as the foundation for prostheses like crowns, bridges, and dentures.

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Although it is currently one of the best choices for people suffering from tooth loss, there are still some who remain unconvinced of its potential. The reason usually lies on the misconceptions floating around that are believed by many. To clear things out, we at Your Expressions Family Dentistry will be sharing the facts behind some myths of dental implants. Continue reading below!

Myth #1: It is a painful procedure

Contrary to how other people imagine it to be, the placement of dental implants is not as painful as they think. Besides, dental professionals can administer local anesthesia to make the procedure more comfortable.

Myth #2: Recovery takes time

Typically, after the insertion of the titanium post, the patient would need to heal for several months. After knowing this, people thought that it is too long. However, depending on their perception, enduring several months of recovery is way better than gradually experiencing the adverse effects of tooth loss.

Myth #3: Old people are not good candidates for dental implants

A person can be too young to get dental implants since their jawbone may have not fully developed yet. On the other hand, older people already have well-developed oral structures, so they are good candidates of the procedure. However, certain health issues can affect the qualification of a patient like diabetes, gum disease, and bleeding disorders.

Myth #4: Maintaining dental implants is hard

What people do not know is, getting dental implants is just like having real teeth. Their regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing habits would suffice in keeping the dental appliance in tip-top shape.

Myth #5: Anyone can get dental implants

Although the procedure is guaranteed safe, dental professionals would need to check the condition of the patient first. It is necessary to make sure that they have strong oral bone tissues to support the insertion of the titanium implant posts.

To know if a person is a good candidate for dental implants; it is best to schedule an initial consultation with our dentist at Your Expressions Family Dentistry. Hopefully, all these facts will clear the misconceptions of people about dental implants so that they can get a second chance for their smiles.

You deserve outstanding dental care services. Consider getting Dental Implants in North Brunswick, NJ! Book your appointment with us at Your Expressions Family Dentistry and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth.